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Stainless elbows process technology
Date:2013-03-18 17:10:52【Click:144】
Hot pushed elbow forming process is the use of stainless steel elbow pushing machine , mandrel and heating devices , sets the mold blank in pushing machine driven forward movement , movement is heating , flaring and bending process. Hot pus...
To butt elbow
Date:2013-03-18 17:10:14【Click:126】
Butt elbow English (Welded elbow) steel thermoforming or forging molding elbow , its connection form is Butt elbow Butt elbow Elbow with steel pipe butt , butt welding elbow manufacturing standards generally GB/T13401-2005, ASME B16.9, SH34...
From the arc point with a straight segment high pressure elb
Date:2013-03-18 17:09:41【Click:141】
Elbow arc starting point determines the efficiency of the use of the elbow The elbow is highlighted weaknesses in the piping system , the pipeline reliability is mainly decided by the elbow ability to work . The status of the working capaci...
Stamping elbow pipe tapping oil use
Date:2013-03-18 17:08:43【Click:84】
Stainless steel stamping elbow is a professional manufacturer Cangzhou Mindray Pipe Co., Ltd. , welcomed the new and old customers to inquire order ! Elbow pipe fittings of stainless steel stamping tapping , tapping oil use is also very imp...
Elbow precision resolution
Date:2013-03-18 17:08:09【Click:173】
The elbow is one of the more widely used pipe connecting elements, which is mainly used for the connection between the tubes, thereby enhancing the patency of the pipeline, but many users are not very understanding its knowledge, the follow...
American Standard ERW high frequency welded pipe series
Date:2013-03-18 17:07:29【Click:188】
American Standard ERW high frequency welded pipe Tianjin Juli Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful ancient city of Tianjin, close to Tianjin Port, 20 kilometers away from the Beijing-Shanghai railway and Beijing-Shanghai Expre...
Stainless steel elbow standard of care
Date:2013-03-18 17:06:30【Click:95】
We said stainless steel elbow products in stainless steel . Corrosion resistance as a main characteristic, and the chromium content is at least 10.5%, and the maximum carbon content does not exceed 1.2 % of the steel . Stainless steel elbow...
Mairei recommended flange connection
Date:2013-03-18 17:05:49【Click:80】
Our of Mindray tube industry for the intermediary in this article Shaofa Lan connection. Flanged connections (flange, joint) by a pair of flanges, a gasket and a number of bolts and nuts. Gasket on the between two flange sealing surface, ti...